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The Ecofin Committee, short for the Economic and Financial Committee, is one of the six main committees of the United Nations General Assembly. It focuses on economic and financial matters, working to promote international monetary cooperation, financial stability, sustainable development, and global economic growth. The committee plays a crucial role in addressing issues related to international trade, debt relief, development financing, and the coordination of economic policies among member states. The Ecofin Committee serves as a forum for member countries to discuss and negotiate on matters pertaining to the global economy, contributing to the formulation of policies that impact the economic well-being of nations around the world. 
Financial Resource Management of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) for Global Development refers to the strategic allocation, utilization, and optimization of financial resources in the context of ICT initiatives aimed at fostering global development. This field addresses how organizations, governments, and other stakeholders manage their financial investments in ICT projects to achieve sustainable and inclusive development goals.

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