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Model United Nations (MUN) is an educational simulation and academic competition that replicates the workings of the United Nations. It provides students with an opportunity to engage in diplomatic and political discourse while representing different countries and debating various international issues. Participants, often referred to as delegates, take on the roles of diplomats representing specific countries or sometimes non-governmental organizations within a simulated UN committee. The aim is to research and understand their assigned country's stance on specific topics, collaborate with other delegates to draft resolutions, and engage in formal debates during conferences. MUN conferences are held globally, ranging from local events to large international gatherings, where students can enhance their public speaking, negotiation, and diplomatic skills. The simulation encourages a deeper understanding of international relations, diplomacy, and the complexities of global issues among students.

                                                                                  WHO ARE WE?
We are students in Onur Ateş Anatolian High School located in Samsun, Turkey. We have been organizing MUN’s since 2019. Our former MUN conferences were known as MPALMUN. MPAL is the short form of our school’s previous name which is Milli Piyango Anatolian High School. Currently, we are preparing this year’s conference with the guidance of our director general Tuba Sarı, and with the help of our secretariat who are former graduates of our school. This year we changed our name as MUN100 to mark the centenary of the establishment of the Republic of Türkiye. Accordingly, this year’s special committee will be the First Grand National Assembly of Türkiye. We are so excited to see you in this year’s conference!

Kind Regards,

MUN100 Secretariat

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